Four Car Accessories You Absolutely Need To Have

7 December 2017
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Whether you use your car to commute to work, take long road trips, or use it to run errands around town, having the right accessories can make driving your car much more safe and enjoyable. If you use your car a lot, here are four car accessories you absolutely need to have.

Curb Monitor

It's true that your car might already have something called a proximity monitor that will alert you when you get too close to another parked car or other object. These types of monitors, however, don't generally work when you are about to hit the curb. This is exactly why you need a curb monitor so that you won't end up scraping the bottom of your bumper. The paint will be more likely to stay intact when you mount a curb monitor to the bottom of your car.


Every car needs a great sound system, and in order to have the best sound in your vehicle, an amplifier is a must-have. Amplifiers not only amplify weak audio sounds, but they can also help to decrease noise distortion. A good amplifier will even allow you to hear the reverberation of vocals as you're listening to music, along with giving you the ability to identify each instrument in the song. Check out retailers like Excel Audio to find what kind of amplifiers would work best with your car audio system.

Head-Up Display Navigation System

This type of car accessory comes in especially handy when you are taking a road trip and are driving in new territory, or you need to find an address in an unfamiliar part of the city. The coolest navigation systems feature a head-up display. Some newer navigation systems will even work with your phone to allow you to listen to your music and also to display an incoming text or phone call right in your line of vision. This makes it so that you don't have to look down at your phone to read your text or see who is calling.

Crash-Tested Harness for Fido

If your dog loves to go for car rides (as most dogs do) a crash-tested harness will help to keep Fido safe when riding along. There are many dog harnesses out there, but you need to be aware that not all of them are crash-tested. Ensuring you get one that is will reduce the chances of Fido getting hurt in the unfortunate event of an accident.